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Full Body Comprehensive 
Non-Invasive, Non-Radioactive Imaging

Knowledge is Power When It Comes to Your Health

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30 Years of Excellent Service

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What makes us at UMIG unique?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

At Universal Medical Imaging Group (UMIG), we offer a holistic alternative and complementary approach to overall health that uses non-invasive, non-radioactive and painless imaging of the whole body (using ultrasound, thermography, interstitial bio-electro screening and non-invasive blood analysis, to detect health issues and provide clients with an individualized health plan based on a healthy life-style and diet. 

Our holistic approach to full-body health uses these alternative and innovative imaging and analysis technologies to complement conventional western medicine and provide clients with comprehensive information about the body’s physiological and anatomical features, including tissues, glands and organ systems, that can contribute to the prevention of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic acidosis, circulatory and lymphatic issues, infertility, and other preventable and treatable health conditions.  By educating clients about the root causes of their health issues, we offer an alternative approach to healing that can save them time, money, and unnecessary medical treatments in the future.

Our Services

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Non-Invasive Blood Analysis 

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Individually Designed Screening

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3D Bio-Electro Screening


Full Body Comprehensive Screening


"This is a place where you can find professionalism, integrity,

honesty and compassion. The practitioners are people-oriented and truly concerned with wellness of their clients. My wife and I are regular clients and always receive advanced non-invasive diagnostic care. The use of natural remedies, such as diet and vitamin therapy, has proven to be preventative for me and my whole family.

I recommend their services highly."

I just wanted to say that it has been a real pleasure to be able to go to Universal Medical Imaging Group for a full body ultrasound screening.

For many years I use your professional services. Your staff have always been friendly, professional, knowledgeable and most accommodating to me. I was treated as if I were part of the family. Appointments are very easy to make. Once you arrive you are acknowledged and taken care of right away. I also appreciate, and I’m sure my doctors do too, the prompt turnaround time on any preventive screenings I have had done there. Your facility is so clean and beautifully decorated. I always smile when I walk in your door, as you have never forgotten me as a client even though you probably have thousands of clients that have been in your facilities besides me. The energy of your place and people working there is uplifting and healing. I will always choose your office and recommend it to all my friends and clients. Once again, I just want to say thank you to all of you for the wonderful care/service I receive when I have been to your office. Thank you so much.

"As a board certified holistic health practitioner and nutritional consultant I seek out only the best in their respective fields when I refer clients or need care for myself. Galina Migalko is one of the most qualified, professional and caring practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her knowledge is vast, and you never feel you're being rushed when you consult with her. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone wishing to undergo preventative and diagnostic testing in a radiation-free environment."

 Ally Wells, HHP, NC 

Los Angeles, CA

Val Biktashev 

Los Angeles, CA

Pastor Alex Prokopchik 

Valley Village, CA

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