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Galina Migalko, ARDMS, CCT, MA, NP  has more than 30 years of excellence in the field of     non-invasive complementary and alternative medical imaging.  Her pioneering research in whole-body medical diagnostics using full-body thermography, full-body ultrasound, full-body functionality and non-invasive blood analysis testing has set her apart as the World’s leader in complementary and alternative medical screening.  This unique form of testing the complete anatomy, physiology and functionality of the body has saved her clients time, energy and money. These tests have also helped to educate her clients on the root causes of their health issues so they can make intelligent decisions concerning life style changes and if necessary also their medical treatments.

After graduating with her M.D. from Uzghorod Medical University (Ukraine) in 1988, Galina Migalko worked in several hospitals and wellness centers as a physician, medical practitioner, business entrepreneur, international consultant in nutrition, stress management, naturopathic treatment, hospital and clinical supervision, contract management, business strategy, healthcare management, operational innovation, project and program management. She also perfected her expertise in radiology and diagnostic imaging procedure and evaluation.  She learned early in her medical career that curiosity and constantly asking “why” are the most powerful tools in understanding the root causes of disease and the importance of early prevention, detection and treatment. She is passionate about changing the current disease-centered view that dominates medical care to integrative health care, focusing on optimizing wellness rather than traditional disease management and developed her expertise in the alternative healing field of whole-body medical diagnostics.


Galina Migalko relocated to the United States in 1994. After finishing the California School of Medical Sciences and earning an additional ARDMS license in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, she founded the Universal Medical Imaging Group an alternative and complementary practice that uses the Comprehensive Full Body Screening. The purpose of the Full Body Screening is to assess the physiological, anatomical and functional status of the clients’ body and develop an individualized naturopathic plan to improve ones health. Her holistic program focuses on dietary life-style changes, detoxification, stress management, physical activity and herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements with emphasis on principles of prevention, wellness and the early detection of disease.

She is also a graduate of the University of Science Arts and Technology (Montserrat, British West Indies and London, England) with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine and is currently working on her dissertation in Quantum Medicine (Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA). Her dissertation focuses on the value of combining the best of conventional western medicine with the best of complementary and alternative diagnostic services and therapies including mental, physical, emotional and the spiritual aspects of health.
Blood Analysis
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Galina Migalko is a world-wide recognized expert in whole-body medical diagnostics. After years of managing several wellness clinics and diagnostic medical centers she has conducted pioneering work and research by developing a revolutionary, comprehensive, Full-Body, Non-Invasive, Non-Radioactive, Painless Medical Diagnostic Screening. This scan includes a Full-Body Ultrasound, a Full-Body Thermography, a Full Body Bio-Electro Screening, a Non-Invasive Blood Analysis, an interstitial metabolic pH test and much more to assess the complete anatomy, physiology and functionality of the body. 

Galina Migalko has also garnered international recognition for her naturopathic research showing how the use of whole-body medical diagnostics can contribute to the early detection and treatment of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic acidosis, circulatory and lymphatic issues, infertility, and other preventable and treatable health challenges.   
Patients from many different countries including India, Italy, France, Romania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, China, Hungary, Australia, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, Brazil, Thailand and Kenya, just to name a few, have used her Medical Diagnostic Services and recommended them to their families and friends.

Galina Migalko has been a featured lecturer and speaker on whole-body medical diagnostics and the value of alternative medical scans in the early detection of acute and chronic health issues at healthcare and wellness seminars, conferences, retreats and workshops throughout the world, including the United States, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, India, Germany, England, and France.  Among other appearances, she has spoken at the Cancer Control Society, the International Integrative Oncology Conference, the “Quest for the Cures Continues” conference, The Truth About Cancer, The Cancer Answers Global Summit and many more.

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 Galina Migalko has been the keynote speaker at medical and health gatherings all over the world and appeared in documentaries "Thrive II", "bOObs: The War on Women's Breasts", "Cure This" and published Peer-Reviewed Articles.

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