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Individually Designed Screening

“Custom designed for you.”

The individually designed screening is for those who want to address specific health challenges and may not want or need the full body comprehensive screening. This option is ideal for those who may be on a budget and want to focus on specific targeted areas, have already had a full body screening and are doing a follow up or would like us to help them design an option that is going to be unique to them.            

The individually design screening can feature any of our offered modalities and all scans can be combined in one appointment. The screening may contain one or several of our offered screenings and can be designed as a follow-up to your initial consultation.


While some people may prefer to have the full body comprehensive evaluation to rule out any possibility of health related challenges, many of our patients prefer to just focus on one specific area of the body or specific health concern. If you would like to discuss which is the best option for you, please give us a call to see if you require a consultation or if we can book you straight for an appointment.



For more information or to make an appointment for a Comprehensive Full Body Screening please contact Universal Medical Imaging Group at 818-508-8895 or 



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