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Comprehensive Full Body Screening includes four components:

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  • Full Body Thermography (Physiological Screening) produces a thermogram of the entire body that can detect physiological abnormalities by measuring temperature changes.  

  • Full Body Ultrasound (Anatomical Screening) uses a high-frequency sound wave to create visual images of the internal organs that can also show abnormalities, including heart conditions and arterial blockages, tumors and other masses, and kidney and gallbladder stones.

  • 3D Full Body Bio-Electro (Functional Screening) uses electrodes to measure bio-impedance of interstitial fluids in the body and produces a 3D image of the body’s systems which can assess their functional status and health.    

  • Non-Invasive Blood Analysis is a technology that measures more than 130 parameters of the blood in its natural state without the need to draw blood and can detect abnormalities.


Based on the results of your Comprehensive Full Body Screening, our individualized health plan will help you maximize your health by restoring your body to full balanced health through a healthy dietary life-style and nature based supplements.  We will also identify any abnormalities detected during your Comprehensive Full Body Screening so that you can discuss them with your primary care physician or a physician specialist and determine whether medical treatment is indicated.

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